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Update* April 19th 2013

I have implemented Jiglibx and added LOTS of stuff!
Car with a trailer.
Alpha 0.3 showing drag races.
Alpha 0.1 showing random stuff.

Drag race, Supra vs Mustang

Drag race, BMW E34 vs Corvette

Dyno of a horsepower monster I built. 75mm turbo was biggest in the game which eventually limited horsepower output.

Here I'm stuck despite 4wd.

Audi 100 S4

Nissan 350Z

The following physics are implemented: (im a physicists)
*independent suspension
*weight transfer(both rear/fron right/left)
*weight distribution
*independent tire grip
*centre of gravity
*collision with terrain
*moment of inertia(only around "up"-axis so far)
*dynamic load dependent tire coefficient.
*realistic engine simulation(thermodynamics, torque, gearratios, clutch)
*surfaces with different grip
*aerodynamics(only in front direction)

How the game is structured:
*Maps and cars are loaded from .xml files so it can be modified, any number of cars or maps can be added by modders.
You load the cars from "car shops" that are also loaded from .xml files.
*there is a customvehicle class where every parameter of a vehicle is modable, over 50 parameters for every vehicle + many more for the engine, this can be used to mod a vehicle in high detail.
*The "enginemap" has 4 parameters for every 250 rpm at the moment. (3 are used for petrol cars)
*diesel fuel supported
*simple car class with premade engines(vehicle class and engine class)
tuneable cars, cars can be tuned at tuning shops, realistic tuning.()
*maps(terrain) are generated from a heightmap,
*4 texture terrain
16 buffers used for terrain at the moment, this gives a maximum of 580580 pixels terrain, more buffers can be added for larger terrain(just need to copy paste some sh*t
*vehicle collisionbox(needs more work but implemented)
*drag racing
*sound generated based on what engine is used(only one sound so far)

What is not yet done:
*transparent material, I have no idea how to show transparent material in XNA so all the cars have ugly windows.
*sliding/drifting/spinning... I tried implementing this but was not satisfied, so it is marked out(green) at the moment, This will take lots of work and testing to be good but I'm certain I can do it. So at the moment the vehicles have perfect traction/spin recovery.
*sound... The sound is generated as a function of rpm and load(only 1 or 0 load at the moment tho) I need someone who is good with sounds to come up with ideas of how to make the sound realistic for different engines. The sound is generated from a function, all you need to do is to adjust the function. I think this is the same way they generate the sound in Gran Turismo for example.
The idea is to have the sound parameters defined for all types of engines(like V6,V8, I4 etc)
*Trajectory, If you drive into a jump the vehicle will not have a upward velocity in the z-direction after leaving the jump, this needs to be worked on(I've been lazy)
*The wheels are not properly fitted to the car if you drive on a horizontal slope(can be seen in the video)
*still lots of work on the tuning system
*the car can roll over but the animation is abysmal
*multible tires, many trucks have over 4 tires... Maybe ad 2-wheel vehicles?

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